Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Photo Shoot!

     I had a fun day taking pictures of papel picado banners we made for clients.  Jeanette has the most beautiful smile and looks like she's having fun decorating with a multicolor pennant for a festive occasion! I had a custom order request for a banner with three messages: 7/20/13, Thank You, and Carrie & Luke.  The clients are going to use it to take pictures and send to their loved ones in the form of a Thank You postcard.  I love the idea and had to capture some pictures to make it available for other clients to do the same.  Finally, I had them take a picture of a single papel picado flag to show how beautiful it looks to take pictures with and use it to make a unique memory of a special event.  I especially love to see a papel picado flag framed and displayed as a beautiful memento of a joyous wedding celebration.  My husband and I have the sacred heart banner with our names and wedding date framed and displayed in our living room and always get compliments when we have guests over at our house. It also serves as a reminder of our wedding anniversary (wink, wink), so neither one of us forget!  We just celebrated our 17 year wedding anniversary and it is nice to see our hard work, both in our marriage and business, that our marriage has withheld throughout the years.  What a beautiful way to honor our love and dedication!  

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Festive Multicolor Papel Picado Pennant

Thank You Papel Picado Banner to send to your guests
after  your special wedding day!
Our framed papel picado flag with our names &
wedding date that is hanging in our living room. So lovely!

Papel Picado Flag to photograph with and send
to your loved ones or frame for a nice memory!

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